Odelà is a company specialized in designing fragrances for ambiance and technologies for their diffusion. Committed to promoting the smell as a privileged sensory way for well-being, Odelà is able not only to develop personalized fragrances and perfumes but also to select them based on the wanted effect of the client.
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Odelà offers different types of fragrance diffusers, differentiating them for their structure, functionalities, and mode of operating. The researches and technologies used by Odelà have the aim of satisfying the final client, proving him with a high perceptual quality of the fragrance in the environment.
The fragrance stays unchanged and constant in the ambient for the entirety of the recharge
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Diffusing specific fragrances in an environment allows you to arouse emotions and memories that are closely linked to the brand and that speak for it through the fragrance.
Odelà offers fragrances capable of bringing specific benefits to each place, bringing concrete benefits to any environment.
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Calibrate the olfactory dimension in space and calculate its dynamics over time, today it is possible with the technologies of the olfactory islands, which allows a spatial contraction in the diffusion of the fragronze in a large number of environment.
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Olfactory marketing

Odelà Fragrance has a consolidated experience in creating Olfactory Logos, that is exclusive fragrances designed ad hoc, and capable of obtaining synergy with the coordinated image of the brand, adding a perfumed touch in the institutional communications.
Better results in selling performances
Added valorisation in the perception of the brand
The fragrance gift uniqueness to the product
From corporate image to brand success

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