Creativity, Research and Innovation

Odelà is a company specialized in designing fragrances for ambiance and technologies for their diffusion. Odelà’s project starts from the idea of two entrepreneurs competent in design and fascinated by the fragrance world, deemed fundamental for well-being, deemed to be of fundamental value for people’s well-being. For these reasons, Odelà is engaged in promoting the sense of smell creating customized scents or selecting them according to the desired effect.
The fragrance doesn’t need solvents and has improved qualitative, aesthetic, and functional characteristics compared to the traditional process of nebulization, heating, and evaporation of liquid perfumes.
The system “controlled release fragrance” has had successful testing in hard and demanding territories such as fashion, theatre, cultural events, house, office, and hotel design.
Stylists, architects, directors, and designers have promoted Odelà’s system observing how it offers advantages to aesthetical products, situations, spaces, and events, being accentuated by a new, calming, and nice component just like perfume.