In a space, diffusing specific fragrances elicit emotions and memories strictly related to brands' experience and identifies it through scent. Due to the diffusion of particular fragrances studied to improve the well-being of living in a home, it’s possible to communicate directly emotions and influence the buying habits, or even to impact the morale of your clients, patients, or collaborators.


Odelà through lab research, specific experiences, and on-site work can offer fragrances that are able to have direct and specific benefits for every location, and concrete advantages in any space.


Odelà developed a collection made of 10 specific fragrances, different for olfactory impact, benefit offered, and intended use.

Furthermore, Odelà can design a customized Olfactory Logo, allowing to have a personal fragrance for the firm or brand, studied especially to represent the brand mission and values and offer the wanted benefits.
Olfactory Marketing reinforce and strengthen the image, the logo, the brand the brand mission.

The goal is that of creating a communication that is empathic and effective with the brand and the client, which allows the brand to be forever imprinted in the client’s mind and being recognized with ease.

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A selection of fragrances for environments dedicated to your well-being