The “Controlled Diffusion” technology represents a sharp evolution from the traditional solution for fragrance and scents diffusion in the environment.
The possibility to turn on and off the fragrance with a simple control, whether it be manual or remote, and the complete lack of solvents or fumes, makes this technology innovative in respect to methods based on vaporization, nebulization, or combustion.
In other terms, it constitutes a new generation of diffusers for the environment totally different from the product used until nowadays like candles (combustion), spray (nebulization), sticks (evaporation for capillarity), gel (spontaneous evaporation), etc.

What is this technology?

The “Controlled Diffusion” technology allows to utilize fragrances, perfumes, and scents in their purity, directly activated from its solid-state. The activation in the solid-state allows the diffusion in the environment through simple ventilation. The system, predisposed by Odelà Fragrance, guarantees qualitative, aesthetical, and functional characteristics above the average of traditional nebulization, heating, or evaporation processes of perfumes in liquid form.

What are the advantages?

The advantages can be summarized in different points:
The fragrance, perfumes or scent diffusion such as that of Essential Oils happen in a totally natural manner, at its purest form, without using solvents, guaranteeing a diffusion that is non-invasive, safe, and usable in any room of the house, office, hotel, or private and public environment.
High perceptual quality
The specific olfactory quality of the single fragrances, perfumes, and olfactory notes and their composition does not change through time. The olfactory perception, just like the receptors in the nose, stays unchanged and constant for the whole duration of the perfumed recharge.
Space/Time control
The diffusion is homogeneous throughout the space of coverage and the diffusion system (olfactory island), without generating a zone where the fragrance is overpowering which are invasive and generate differences in perception of the scents itself.
Ease of use
The diffusor can be controlled simply manually or with the most sophisticated ways of remote handling. There is the possibility of obtaining high-quality Olfactory Effects (multiplicity of signals) without needing to ventilate the air in a room each time.