Who we are

Odelà is a company specialized in designing fragrances for ambiance and technologies for their diffusion. Odelà’s project starts from the idea of two entrepreneurs competent in design and fascinated by the fragrance world, deemed fundamental for well-being.
This is the reason why Odelà is committed to the promotion of the olfactory sense, developing personalized fragrances, or selecting them based on the desired effect.

Particularly, Odelà:

√ Elaborate targeted strategies for Olfactory Marketing
√ It creates “ad hoc” solutions for private houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, and shops.
√ It curates presentations and multi-sensory events
√ Creates diffuser, fragranced accessories, and personalized olfactory logos 


Odelà is particularly conscious of environmental sustainability. The diffuser and fragranced recharge are made with totally recyclable material with low environmental impact; the raw materials are safe for inhalation and avoid pollutants and allergenic.
The diffusion of the fragrances happen in a completely natural manner, in its purity without using any solvents but exploiting the use of ventilation: in this way a non-invasive and safe diffusion is guaranteed, so usable in any room of the house, office, hotel, and public and private spaces.

Why Odelà?

Each perfume evokes an emotion, a moment that has been lived, with the chance of recreating it and being able to travel away with the imagination. For this reason, it has been created a name that resembles the maximum expression of the theme of the travel bound to the fragrance. 
Odelà is the transcription of the pronunciation of the term “au-delà”, “beyond” in French. Odelà highlights the ability of an odor to trigger an imaginary trip without boundaries of space and time. The perception of an aroma allows going beyond reality, out of the present, traveling in memories.

Creativity, research, innovation

The perfume is the number one factor to handle with extreme care with sophisticated and kind strategies if the wish is to control this unpredictable factor through space and time rendering its behaviour in line with expectation.


"Because perfuming is not cloning. But creating."