Calibrating the dimension of smell in the space and calculating its time dynamic with a clear olfactory message is possible today with the “Olfactory Islands” technology, which allows spatial control of fragrance diffusion in a great number of spaces.

With this in mind, is possible to divide Odelà’s diffuser based on different purposes of use and different end environment dimensions.
Based on the environment, the diffusers One and Fusion is inserted in normal electrical outlets.


Contract Building
House Project


A tendency that characterizes Italian domestic culture at the beginning of the Millennium is the widespread search for well-being. In this search of an improved “quality of life” between domestic walls, the “environmental fragrance” had its specific role, not new but innovative, and aimed to rediscover all the values of a newly found sense: the smell.
Not so long ago, it was considered optimal to have spaces that are just deodorized and clean, almost as if not having fragrance could be a positive value compared to outside pollution.
Once it was enough to open winds and door to change the air in a room; today the same action is strongly at risk, involving a smell imprint that is not always safe and pleasant. The intensity of the light, the juxtaposition of colors, and the fragrance aimed at the well-being of body and mind become fundamental elements, that respond to the need for an harmonic equilibrium in our perceptual sphere.
In fact, feeling good is today a very important manner, essential for protecting one’s health, for maintaining one’s well being and a balanced mind and body. The correct use of all the five senses inside the space, according to the latest technological and cultural trends, contributes to promoting the new paradigm of Environmental Quality.
Nonetheless, the concept of Environmental Quality related to the world of houses is notably evolved in the past years. It has gone from a morphological conception, focused on physical aspects of the binomial idea of Health/Safety (form, dimension, material, and chemical/physical, acoustic, electromagnetic pollution, etc) to a new “psychological” conception oriented to the valorization of sensorial aspects of Well-being/ Efficiency.
Maybe, for this reason in a house that is enriched with new, highly perceptive stimulus, able to influence and satisfy the emotional sphere of the people living in it, on the olfactory perception side, we have been led to subtractive logic rather than additive logics.
Covering, minimizing, and eliminating unpleasant scents linked to a determined environmental situation have been and are today reference imperatives.



Wellness Center
Fitness Center


Designing the olfactory variable, named Olfactory Technology, allows the achievement of the specific objective for environmental fragrance, deodorization and environmental quality of the air, the activation of behavioral responses, olfactory entertainment, and integrated communication.
The patented technology “Controlled Diffusion” allows using solid essences, perfumes, and olfactory notes that are diffused naturally, through simple ventilation. 
Odelà Fragrance’s system guarantees higher qualitative, aesthetic, and functional characteristics in respect to traditional processes such as perfume nebulization, heating, or evaporation.





So, if on one side, it is clear the role and importance of a requalification through the dimension of smell in general spaces and particularly that of the home, still a further problem subsists to reach the optimum objective of Environmental Quality.
The sense of smell requires physical contact as the main mechanism of sensorial perception between olfactory notes (the molecules of various dimensions in ethereal form) and our natural receptor which is the nose. We highlight the fundamental need for physical contact.
This means that there is a specific and precise characterization of space and time in which the stimulation has to happen. We can identify the need to program the space and time of the stimulus. The systems now used for fragrance diffusion do not guarantee the control of space and time.
Either nebulization or using temperature to put the olfactory notes in the room, both are dependent on the environmental conditions that cannot be regulated, greatly limiting the functional use oriented to perfumes. Odelà Fragrance designed the technology called “Controlled Diffusion” which allows full control of the olfactory notes, giving life to real odorous installations (Olfactory Islands) where the release in the air of the fragrance is modulated through the managing the predetermined parameters of space and time.
In this way, a requalification of spaces and environments is born and studded with “Olfactory Islands”.
Every island will have unique and specific characteristics, in the meantime, the necessary modularity linked to other Islands is present for a global olfactory characterization. 
Every detail is oriented toward maximum flexibility and effectiveness.
In this context, we think that is highly desirable a better integration and collaboration between the various actors that operate in the field of environmental quality.
Specific attention to multi-sensorial themes in general and the stimulation of the olfactive dimension, in particular, is always necessary for reaching that quality of like in the home evoked beforehand and often disregarded.
The universe of the olfactory component is by its nature elusive, dynamic, volatile, and indefinable.
Checking the olfactive dimension of a space, and keeping the dynamics of the various olfactory notes through time, for a wanted, searched, and waited scented stimulus, is, in the first place, a cultural challenge of great suggestion. 



Holiday Resort 


Is evident, lately, how it is a necessity to intervene to renew the environmental air quality to avoid possible damage to health and improve the user’s well-being. Nonetheless, we have to complain about the lack if not complete absence, of the olfactory dimension in the space, both in general to the architectural planning, and even the “air specialist”, that is focused almost exclusively on factors that relate to calculating flows.
The olfactory dimension in space is the result of man factors.
Some internal factors like the component’s material, the morphology, the furniture, the surfaces, the volumes, etc. Others are external ones, dependent on the activities that take place there, temporal and seasonal constituents, climatic conditions, etc. Synthesizing, all of this forces on our behaviors and habits in everyday tasks a subdivision of different olfactory styles.
To keep things simple, we classified four of them:

Deodorize: eliminate unpleasant and annoying odors, and reach a pleasant olfactory threshold. Body odors, odors from the bathroom, from the kitchen, from the attic, smoke odors, stale air, odors from the basement, everyday odors, odors from small places, of animals, etc.

Purify: remove the breathable contaminants in the air, that cause negative effects on physical and mental health, and the well-being of the person. Insufficient qualitative and quantitative exchange of air.

Perfuming: develop olfactory memory and increase pleasure and aesthetic niceness, hedonistic behavior linked to childhood, nature, territory, food fragrances, etc.

Excite: acquire psychological meanings and reach unique evocative states. Strengthening self-esteem, reducing stress and emotional tension, improving mood and depressive states, improving interpersonal relationships, improving attention and memory, regularizing the sleep cycle, enhancing sexuality, etc. 



Conference Room

Environmental fragrances, differently from pure deodorization, is the natural completion of a taste, of olfactory expression, expressed as the possibility of evoking around oneself a world made in his own image.
The ability to build around oneself, through clear elements, through combinations of colors and smells, their own personal scene, is aimed at the well-being of the body and soul. In this context, whether we are dealing with deodorization problems or perfuming the environment, a much greater attention is given to restoring the total quality of the air for closed environments, whether they are in our house or belonging to public or private buildings where, for various work or entertainment related reasons, we are forced to spend time.
This is done to avoid health problems for the user caused by the potential growth and accumulation of breathable contaminants and at the same time to improve the pleasantness of the air in the room. 
Generally a good air conditioning system works exclusively on temperature and humidity of the air, promoting a potential growth of breathable contaminants like virus and bacteria, is the system in not under control. Even in cases where a good air purifier is used, there is the problem of eliminating unpleasant smell and reaching a pleasant olfactory threshold.
For this purpose, to air purification and conditioning systems have been added gradually some autonomous systems of deodorization and air purification. 



Air Plane

There is the sound of luxury when opening a drawer or closing a door; there is the luxury of contact with certain sensual and refined surfaces; there is the luxury of form or finishes capable of seducing the eye and today there is also the scent of the luxury habitat.
Odelà Fragrance, specializing in the design of home fragrances and technologies for their diffusion, presents a series of solutions and products that bring a new concept of home fragrance “on board”.
Thanks to this new technology, the chosen fragrances is diffused in the environment on board of the vehicle for a simple ventilation. In other words, is non other than the air to bring with her fragrances notes, without the help of other substances or solvents.
Odelà Fragrance is available for sharing their experience, matured over a decade in designing fragrances, with everyone who wish to recreate in his boat, car, plane, or luxury habitat, an olfactory feeling.
For the costumer who whish to have an olfactory continuity between boat, plane, car and home we have developed a collection of fragrance “home on board”.
To contain the invasive olfactory feeling on board of the vehicle we also suggest a fragrance choice that intercept unwanted odours.
The clients who wants to fight the undesired effects of a long travel can count on our know-how, matured by Odelà Fragrance in years of trials with important clinical institutes, on the relationship between perfumes, moods and moods. 
punti vendita


Show Rooms
Odelà Fragrance enriches the sales and exhibition spaces with scented notes and
personalized fragrances that use the olfactory lever to generate attention, memory
and loyalty.
Odelà Fragrance also creates olfactory logos for the point of sale, exclusive
fragrances capable of entering into synergy with the image of the store, adding a
fragrant touch to institutional communication. The shop can be divided into sectors
characterized by diversified and specific olfactory notes that indicate the various
product categories.
Shopping bags and wrapping papers can be characterized by an ad hoc fragrance. Direct marketing actions or particular promotions can be enhanced by the olfactory
lever. Odelà Fragrance is able to provide all the design and technical support to optimize
the perfume of the points of sale.


Nursing homes
Palliative care with neurological support
Medical offices
 The olfactory stimulus is one of the elements capable of activating a process of positive perception and suggestion, most of all in some critical realities like nursing homes or simply all of those environments where a great attention to psychological and unconscious experiences where just a scientific and rational approach is not enough to elaborate.
Applicable in clinics, dental offices, hospital departments, offices, with the following purposes:

•  Anxiety and its physical component 
•  On feelings, cognitive and behavioral responses, like attention and concentration
•  On physical and mental health in general

Nursing homes often need specific olfactory intervention that take into account the end purpose, whether in different types of rooms or of the figures involved. The olfactory intervention aims, above all, at the well-being of the guests of the structures and their family visitors, with evident implications of psychological nature, where the perception of the atmosphere of the home plays a primary role in the level of acceptance, positivity and pleasantness of the place itself. Not less important are the goals linked to the well-being of the nurses at all levels, that operate their routine work with potential psychological stressors.
Not only the deodorization and the air’s environmental quality are finalized at the well-being of the house. The olfactory communication is a tool that can activate positive behavioral responses: in contrast with the anxious states, the evoking of odours belonging to ones olfactory memory in subjects with Alzheimer's syndrome